Estimating Required Reservations

Easy PDF includes a Profiling feature to monitor usage statistics.
You can use this feature to help you estimate the number of reservations that you may need.

To open the Usage Statistics dialog
First open the Easy PDF Administration dialog.
Then select the Show Statistics action in the Action Bar.
The Statistics page will display.
By default the list is sorted by the Max Daily Usage column in descending order.

Assuming your users have been using Easy PDF at something close to a typical usage level, the statistics should reflect the relative need for reservations.

Those users with a large Max Daily Usage are obvious candidates for a Persistent Reservation.
Those users with a small Max Daily Usage are candidates for a Transient Reservation.
The Total Usage column provides an indication of how often the user has accessed the product during the statistics window.

Persistent Reservation Pool Size
A rule of thumb for calculating reservations is to pick an appropriate cutoff point in the Max Daily Usage column.
Most often there is an obvious divide somewhere in that column that seperates your heavy users from the others.
Enter a value in the Max Daily Usage Cutoff field. The number of users above the cutoff is a good target size for the Persistent Reservation Pool.
That number is populated into the Persistent Pool Size field.
If you think some users are not accounted for in the data you may wish to increase the size to accomodate them.

Transient Reservation Pool Size
Calculating the Transient Pool size is very dependent upon understanding the actual usage of the product.

The model the calculator uses for estimating the Transient Pool size is:

  • Transient users access the product infrequently and for specific tasks (this is called a Session)
  • Their sessions are spread out during the work day (Length of Work Day, Sessions per Day)
  • A session lasts for a short period of time (Hours per Session, minimum 1 hour)
  • Each session invokes use of the product an average number of times (Uses per Session)
So to get a target number for the Transient pool:
Transient Pool Size = Avg Max Daily Usage (below cutoff) / (Sessions per Day * Uses per Session)
Transient Pool Size = Avg Max Daily Usage (below cutoff) / ((Length of Workday / Hours per Session) * Uses per Session)

Transient Pool Size = (Avg Max Daily Usage (below cutoff) * Hours per Session) / (Length of Workday * Uses per Session)

The Statistics Page calculator let's you play with these numbers.
The calculator enforces a minimum size to the Persistent Pool.

Note: You can adjust the allocations on the Easy PDF Administrator page and you can manage the number of purchased reservations on the Easy PDF website.

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