Business Central Documents

With Easy PDF you can send any Business Central document or report.
Below is the list of "built-in" documents that Easy PDF supports out-of-the-box.
For these documents Easy PDF adds menu items to the corresponding Document page, enabling simple, one-click delivery.

  • Customer Statement
  • Issued Reminder
  • Issued Finance Charge Memo
  • Sales Order (Confirmation)
  • Sales Quote
  • Sales Return Order
  • Blanket Sales Order
  • Posted Sales Credit Memo
  • Posted Sales Invoice
  • Posted Sales Return Receipt
  • Posted Sales Shipment
  • Service Order
  • Service Quote
  • Posted Service Credit Memo
  • Posted Service Invoice
  • Posted Service Shipment
  • Posted Purchase Invoice
  • Posted Purchase Receipt
  • Purchase Order
  • Purchase Quote
  • Blanket Purchase Order
  • Vendor Payment Receipt
  • Customer, Vendor, Contact (send an email directly to the recipient)